Payment Reconciliation of CCavenue

In order to do payment reconciliation of orders made through CCavenue payment gateway. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Login with the credentials for the store.
  • Dashboard > Orders > Order Lookup > Select Date Range > Order Status as shipped > Click on “Search” button
  • The data can be downloaded in excel/CSV files.
  • From Kartify, download/filter particular order from Sales/Orders

Kartify > Sales > Orders > Filter out the order using filters/Export orders in CSV files

  • Please note, to filter/export, missing order(s), you need to select “Missing orders” in order status filter separately. Orders with rest of the status (other than missing orders) can be exported all together.
  • Comparing the data/payment status from CCavenue dashboard and Kartify orders, further actions can be taken.
  • For Fynd stores, to process the missing orders (for which payments has been confirmed), go to Systems > Tools > Fynd API > Gofynd API > Confirm Payment > Fill in Gofynd order ID > Hit execute button. The order(s) will from missing/processing to processed state.