Payment Reconciliation of CCavenue

In order to do payment reconciliation of orders made through CCavenue payment gateway. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Login with the credentials for the store.
  • Dashboard > Orders > Order Lookup > Select Date Range > Order Status as shipped > Click on “Search” button
  • The data can be downloaded in excel/CSV files.
  • From Kartify, download/filter particular order from Sales/Orders

Kartify > Sales > Orders > Filter out the order using filters/Export orders in CSV files

  • Please note, to filter/export, missing order(s), you need to select “Missing orders” in order status filter separately. Orders with rest of the status (other than missing orders) can be exported all together.
  • Comparing the data/payment status from CCavenue dashboard and Kartify orders, further actions can be taken.
  • For Fynd stores, to process the missing orders (for which payments has been confirmed), go to Systems > Tools > Fynd API > Gofynd API > Confirm Payment > Fill in Gofynd order ID > Hit execute button. The order(s) will from missing/processing to processed state.

CC avenue Integration – How it works

In this article we will see how the network communication happens between CC avenue and Kartify.

When we place the order, we send payment information to CC avenue. CC avenue then deducts the amount from customer’s account and through call back send us back a success or failure response depending on the transaction.

If Response is ‘success’ -> Order id is generated and the order status becomes processing or pending. If this is FYND’s order, we will hit the confirm payment api of FYND.
If Response is ‘Failed’ or ‘aborted’ or something similar -> Order id is created but the status would be failed or missing. If payment is not debited from the account the status would be failed and If payment is deducted, status would be missing. For such orders, we might get the cc avenue payment confirmation webhook. After which, the order status would be changed. The webhook url for this can be setup in the cc avenue dashboard by going to the dynamic event notification tab from Setting tab at the top. The url to be entered in Order status echo url section.

To ensure that no customer whose payment was deducted is in limbo, we again use cc avenue’s order lookup api to look for any order for which the payment was deducted but the order is still in Missing or failed state.


Step 1 -> Go to kartify Admin panel.
Step 2-> Extensions -> Extensions -> Payment
Step 3 -> Search for CC avenue Payment gateway option.
Step 4 -> Enter Merchant ID, Access code and working key provided by CC avenue.

How to refund for prepaid orders – Razorpay(FYND)

We have an inbuilt mechanism for refunding the razorpay payments for stores which are integrated with FYND. One such store is Ruosh. The process is quite simple. You just need to follow couple of steps.

We get a REFUND_INITIATED webhook from FYND for all the stores for which refund has to be processed.

STEP 1 -> Go to the kartify admin panel.

STEP 2 -> Go to Sales -> Order

STEP 3 -> Filter data from the Event box for REFUND_INITIATED webhook.

STEP 4 -> Click on the action button for the order for which you would like to process refund.

STEP 5 -> In the payment column, you need to click on the Refund Money button.

Thats it!! You have processed the refund amount.