Camera slider module is used for setting up the banner images for the Home page


a) Extension>Extensions>Module>Camera Slider

b) Then click edit

c) After that we have to click on Existing Module.

d) Then go to the store, in which you have to apply changes and then click edit

e) Then a page will open like this:-

General settings –

There are 5 components in general settings:

  1. Slider Name:- The name of the slider is written here.

2. Width Slider:- Here width of the slider is mentioned

3. Height Slider:- In this field, the height of slider is mentioned

4. Layout Type:- Here the type of layout selected is mentioned

5. Transition Time:- In this field, we can set the transition time between two images

f) After general setting page, we have a separate page for each slider

Slide 1

There are 4 components:-

  1. Image for desktop:-In this field, the banner to be shown on desktop screen is uploaded.

2. Image for Mobile:-If the client wants different banners for desktop and mobile then we can do so by uploading the banner to be shown on mobile screen in this field.

3. Link:-The link is mentioned in this field

4. Sort order:- Suppose, Slide 1 will always be first image in the carousel. If we have to set new image as the first image then all the slides have to be adjusted accordingly. For ex- Slide 1 will become slide 2, slide 2 will have to become slide 3 and so on. So to make it easy, we can put the sort order number in this field.