How to refund for prepaid orders – Razorpay(FYND)

We have an inbuilt mechanism for refunding the razorpay payments for stores which are integrated with FYND. One such store is Ruosh. The process is quite simple. You just need to follow couple of steps.

We get a REFUND_INITIATED webhook from FYND for all the stores for which refund has to be processed.

STEP 1 -> Go to the kartify admin panel.

STEP 2 -> Go to Sales -> Order

STEP 3 -> Filter data from the Event box for REFUND_INITIATED webhook.

STEP 4 -> Click on the action button for the order for which you would like to process refund.

STEP 5 -> In the payment column, you need to click on the Refund Money button.

Thats it!! You have processed the refund amount.