You can call 4 FYND APIs from admin panel to check the stock status of a particular product, order tracking and manually confirming the payment.

System -> Tools ->Fynd API -> Gofynd API
Now you will see the following window

Stock status ->You can check the inventory of a particular product using FYNDs stock status API. For this you just need the FYND product id which in our case is usually the product’s model number. Upon executing, you will get the inventory against each option. We use this API to pull the inventory against each product.
Use Case -> Many a times, brand claims that a particular product should be visible on website. To debug this, please check the inventory of that product using Stock status API. If there is no inventory, we can ask FYND to check and communicate to the brand that we did’nt get any inventory for product. If we find inventory in the response then please run the gofynd product status cron and refresh the cache. It should solve the problem.

Track order -> You can track the order using FYND order id.

Confirm payment -> FYND’s confirm payment api is called when we get the payment confirmation from the payment gateway (See how it works for ccavenue – Click here!!).
Use case -> If for some reason the confirm payment API is not called automatically even if the payment was captured, we can manually call the confirm payment API from here. We just need the FYND order id for this.

Pincode Api Checker :
you can use pincode to check if it is servicable or not for Fynd Stores Or Either you can check through pdp page..

To Test Pincodes :