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For the purpose of adding/ editing a category under blog management on the Kartify backend. Follow the below mentioned steps to create the settings to add/ edit a blog category –

Steps to follow :

Go to Admin >From the left hand side navigation bar select Blog > Blog Management

Once you click on Blog management it will navigate you to another screen:

Step1: Now, click on Add/Edit category as shown in the menu on the top, in order to create the blog index page layout

Step2: Click on + sign on the top right side corner to Add a new category

Step3: Add all the relevant details for creating the blog category

GENERAL Settings

  1. Category Name – Mandatory
  2. Description – (Optional) If available
  3. Meta tag title – Mandatory (Title on the tab to be shown)
  4. Meta tag and Meta description – (Optional).
    It is beneficial for marketing purposes if you add the same. You can see the tags, description & title that are used currently on any product by its page source.

DATA Settings

  1. Parent – If Single category then not mandatory-you can leave this blank. If you want to create a sub-category then you need to add the parent category you have created previously.
  2. SEO Keyword – (Mandatory) Without adding the SEO the page will not be visible. Example to follow – “category_category-id”
  3. Stores: This is will be selected by default or Select the store in which you want to show the category. (Mandatory)
  4. Image – To promote any banner you can just upload the image in this field. For more examples, on this, you can follow our video link.
  5. Sort Order- You can decide the sorting for any category as per the need.
  6. Status – You can enable or disable the category as per the need.

Step4: Click on save button on the top right corner and your blog category will be created successfully

Step5: In case you want to edit the same, kindly click on edit button below the action and make all the valuable changes and save the same.

In case you need more clarity on the same, please watch the video sharing the link below for reference:

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