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What are Customer Groups?

Customer groups  can be used to provide personalized experience to a group of customers. Such services include Special discounted prices, Cashback/wallet etc. While creating customers, they can be mapped to different customer groups. This can also be done later from the admin panel.

How can you create a new Customer Group?

The default customer group for Kartify is called “Default”. To create a new customer group name, go to the Sales > Customers > Customer Groups page. Above the list, click the “Insert” button. You will be directed to a page where you can fill in information about the customer group. You can provide a “Customer Group Name” and a “Description” for the group. Within this group, you can approve or disapprove customers logins into their store account.

The sorting number determines the position of this group among other customer groups.

How can you Map customer to a Customer Group?

In order to apply a customer group to a group of customers, each customer must be individually added to the group under Sales > Customers. To add a customer group, select the customer and click “Edit” under “Action”. In the General tab there is a drop down selection for “Customer Group”. Select the customer group and click “Save” at the top right corner.

How to create different discount profile for different Customer groups?

In order to add a discounted price of a product to a particular customer group, the product information needs to be edited beforehand. Under Catalog > Products, find the product in the list and click “Edit” under “Action”. A customer group can be selected under “Discount” or “Special” tabs. A discounted price needs to be specified, as well as the date start/end to this discount/special.

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