How can you check the Order and order item status Status ?

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Kartify is seamlessly integrated with various OMSes such as Unicommerce, FYND, Arvind etc. The order statuses are usually pushed by the OMS via webhooks or APIs and updated on kartify in almost real time.

How you can view status on Kartify Dashboard?

The status can be viewed on the dashboard on Sales >> Order Items. You will get the dashboard similar to the image below.

You can then filter the orders by using order id, customer phone number and email. You can choose the start and end date. Then click filter.
The data is filtered out at item level. You will get the the status for each product in the order.

How can the order status data be downloaded?

The data can be downloaded by following the above steps but clicking on export button instead of filter. A csv file will be downloaded. The data will be broken down at item level. The item level status can be viewed in the item_status column. Please note that each item in an order has an unique order product id. The status is updated for these order product ids.

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