How can you view the order and order details?

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To view the order details, go to Sales >> Orders. Filters. You can use Order Id, Order status, Date, payment method, mobile number, utm source, and Email as filters. After choosing filters, Click on Export button to download the order data or Filter button to List down the orders.

How can you view order details on Kartify?

After clicking Filter button, the orders list comes up. Click on the View button for the order which you want to view.

You can view the customer and order details on the next page. Please see the images below for reference.

How can you change the order status?

Scroll to the bottom of the Order details page, you will find Add Order history Section. Under Add order History, you can change the order status. This will not only change the status of the entire order but also all the line items. After choosing the order status, click on the Add History button to save the status.

How can you change the item status?

In the order section of Order detail page, click on the respective item status. A popup will come up with a drop down of statuses. Choose the desired status and Click on update button. Please see the images below for better reference.

How can you download bulk order data?

This is very simple and as mentioned earlier in this article, you just have to click on export button. It will down a csv sheet that will have all the necessary order details.

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