How to Add/Edit products?

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To create a product you can follow the below steps –

How to reach or what are the steps to follow

Catalog > Products > Add New/Choose via filter > Then Edit >

GENERAL Settings

  1. Product Name – Mandatory
  2. Description – (Optional) If available
  3. Product Specification – (Optional) If available
  4. Size Chart – (Optional) If available
  5. Meta tag title – Mandatory (Title on the tab to be shown)
  6. Meta tag, Meta description keywords are all optional fields. It is beneficial for marketing purposes if you add the same. You can see the tags, descriptions & titles that are used currently on any product by its page source.

DATA Settings

  1. Model – (Mandatory)
  2. SKU- (Mandatory)
  3. UPC/EAN/JAN- (Optional)
  4. ISBN- (Optional) Also used to mark the product as returnable or non-returnable
  5. MPN/Location- (Optional)
  6. Price (MRP) – (Mandatory)
  7. Tax Class – (Optional)
  8. Quantity – Main inventory (Mandatory)
  9. Minimum Quantity/Maximum Quantity – (Optional)
  10. Subtract Stock – When customers orders do you want the inventory to be substracted or to be kept the same. (Mandatory)
  11. Out Of Stock Status – Defines the visibilty of the product when it goes OOS (Mandatory)
  12. Requires Shipping (Yes/NO) (Mandatory)
  13. SEO URL – Product landing link (Mandatory)
  14. Cashback – If there is any particular offer on the product (Optional)
  15. Date Available – From when this product will be visible on the website (Mandatory)
  16. Dimensions (L x W x H) – Length/With/Height (Mandatory)
  17. Length Class – inch/cm/mili (Mandatory)
  18. Weight – 1kg or 1000gm (Mandatory)
  19. Weight Class – Kg/GM etc (Mandatory)
  20. Status – Enable/Disable (Mandatory)
  21. Sort Order – Defines what will be the placement of the product on the Category Landing Page (Mandatory)

LINKS Settings

  1. Manufacturer – Add the brand name from the list (Optional)
  2. Categories – Eligible for the Category landing page (Mandatory)
  3. Filters – Color/Pattern/Material (Price/Size/Discount filter are automated) (Optional)
  4. Stores (Mandatory)
  5. Downloads (Skip)
  6. Related Products – Visible on Product page (Optional)

Attributes Settings

Add the attribute from the pre-added attribute & attribute group you have previously created LINK

Add the description of the attribute in the required in the text column.

Example attributes – color, Material, manufacturer/ country of Origin

NOTE – Attributes are used for variety of custom designs for the website.

Options Settings

Option settings help you add options for any product example – if you product has sizes or colors. You can give your customer an option to select via these settings.

Add the option you want to add from the dropdown which you have already pre created LINK.

Here we are taking an example of Size option to explain the working

  1. Option value – S/M/L etc
  2. Quantity for separate values
  3. Subtract Stock – Yes/NO (Always yes)
  4. Price – you can use this to add different prices sizes-wise.
  5. Points/Weight/SKU are optional

SPECIAL Settings

  1. Customer Group – Default
  2. Priority – 1
  3. Price – Selling price/Discounted Price
  4. Date Start/Date End – (Optional) It helps in scheduling the prices in sale period

IMAGE Settings

Upload the images by editing & uploading them clicking on the edit icon.

You will get a popup to upload the image, you can create a folder in case of multiple brands or different sections & then click on uploading the images.

Note- Up to 1 MB image size is allowed for upload.

*Recurring/Discount/Rewards points/Design settings to be skipped

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