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For the purpose of adding/ editing a flat shipping rate from the Kartify backend. Follow the below mentioned steps to create the settings to add/ edit flat shipping rate –

Step 1: Extensions > Extensions

Go to the left hand side navigation bar and look for Extensions

Step 2: Choose Shipping from drop down

Click on extensions and select extensions from the drop down and from the drop down under Choose the extension type select Shipping as shown below

Step 3: Choose Flat Rate and edit

Look for Flat Rate in the list and click on the edit icon (violet coloured)

Step 4: Select the brand or create a new one.

Select the brand from the store column and click on the edit icon (follow the black arrow). If the brand is not in the list, create a new brand by clicking on the plus icon in the top right corner (follow the red arrow)

Step 5: Fill in relevant details

Fill in the required details, select the appropriate geo zone and make sure to set the status to enable/disable based on the preference

(Note: You will be redirected to the same page to add/edit flat rates)

  1. Store: Brand for which you want to enable the feature
  2. Cost: minimum amount for which will allow the feature to enable itself
  3. Tax Class: select the category under which it can be taxed
  4. Geo Zone: select the zone where the product will be delivered
  5. Status: set it to enable to enable the feature

Step 6: Save the changes

Save the details by clicking on the save icon in the top right corner.

Clear cache and check. The changes will reflect on your website!

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