How to add a Gift Voucher Design?

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What are Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers can be individually sent to customers through their email by other customers in the store front. The customer receiving the gift certificate can use the code provided in the email at the shopping cart to deduct the gift voucher amount from the order total.

Voucher Themes

The Voucher Themes section alters the image displayed in the email according to the theme. In the store front, customers purchasing the voucher for a person can choose a theme for the voucher.

How to add voucher themes?

     Step 1 : From the left hand side navigation bar on the dashboard click on Promotions

     Step 2 : Inside Promotions> Gift Vouchers >> Gift Voucher Design

     Step 3 :  Click on + to add a new theme.

     Step 4 : Enter all the details

General settings

  1.  Enter Voucher Theme name    
  2. Keep Sort Order 0
  3. Upload the image by creating a folder.
  4. Enter the image path followed in AWS
  5. Select the store for which you are creating voucher
  6. Enter the prices you want as options

Save the changes and clear cache, the gift voucher design will reflect on front end.

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