How to add new Filters or update them?

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How to create a filter

Go to Catalog > Filters

By clicking on the add new button you can add a new filter or by clicking on edit button you update a particular filter.

You can Add or update the filter group name – Example : Color/Size/Pattern

Then click on the plus sign to create the filters.

Example for Color – Pink/Green and add their sort order.

Bulk Edit & Upload

By clicking on upload via CSV you can upload the filters in bulk or update them all together. Click on Download file then you will get the sample sheet where you will get the current group filters alltogether.

Now you use the same sheet to upload new filters or update the same.

Note always keep the first row untouched if adding new filters then keep the column blank.

Then upload the csv file. There is an option to go back to the manuall version on the same. After choosing the file click on save, then the filters will be updated.

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