How to setup an SMS service provider?

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What is SMS service?

SMS service includes sending customers general SMS, OTP etc. Below are the steps to setup an SMS service.

Step 1: Extensions > Extensions

From the left hand side navigation bar select Extensions. Then select extensions again from the dropdown

Step 2: Select Modules from drop down and then edit SMS Service

From the drop down select Modules and look for SMS Service and click on the edit button as shown.

Step 3: General settings

Fill the relevant details and save the details by clicking on the save icon in the top right corner.

  • General SMS service URL, OTP URL, OTP Resend URL: enter the URL for the respective fields.
  • Status: set it to enable to enable the SMS Service

(Note: The username and password in the URL Demo have been hidden)

You can find the short code used in the demo URL and its description in the box below

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