How to add reviews to a product

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Step 1: Storefront Design > Reviews

Go to left hand side navigation bar and select Storefront Design. Select reviews from the drop down as shown below

Step 2: To add a new review

Click on the add button (plus icon) in the top right corner to add a new review.

Step 3: General Settings

Fill the relevant details and save the review by clicking on the save button as shown.

  • Author: name of the author goes here
  • Product: select the product for which the review is to be added. This auto fills itself.
  • Text: text describing the author’s feedback
  • Rating: rate the product from 1 to 5 starts (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest)
  • Date added: date the review was added.
  • Status: set the status to enable if you want the review to be shown.

You have now successfully added a review.

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