How to change the sort order?

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Sort order is used to update the placement for any product on the Category Landing Page. By using sort order you can show your top selling on top the page & the low quantity product on the bottom of the page. It can be edited manually or by the products sheet in bulk. If there is a single product you want to update the sort order for, then will recommend to use the products module. Otherwise you use the product sheet to update the sort order of the products.

Steps to follow for single edit –

Catalog > Products > Filters (to identify the product you want to edit) > Then Edit > Go to Data > Sort Order

Steps to follow for Bulk update –

Catalog > Products > Export/Import You can get the export/import button option on the header. By clicking on the export button you will get the csv file with the basic data for any catalog.

Csv sheet Format – Below column data can be updated via the same csv sheet. As soon as the data is updated you use the same sheet to upload on the backend by using the import option.

Important points:

  • CSV sheet format to be kept same no changes in the header or extra columns to be added.
  • Keep a check for the formulas before uploading the sheet.

Please don’t change the name of the sheet & the file (only CSV file is accepted)

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