How to check statistics data on Kartify?

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In this section you can look at the statistics of a store and use the filters to get various statistics about the store. Below are the steps to find these statistics

Step 1: From the left hand side navigation panel select Reports and from the dropdown select Statistics

Step 2: Select the store and apply the desired filter. Click on export and the results will downloaded in a CSV file

  • Store: select the store for which you want the statistics
  • Filter Type: select the filter type from the dropdown
  • Disabled Categories: categories which are disabled from the backend
  • Products with Inventory: products which are in stock
  • Out of Stocks Products: products whose inventory ran out of stock
  • Bestselling Products in the last 7 days: products which have been popular with the customers for the last 7 days
  • Products without any sale in the last 15 days: products which haven’t been purchased by the customers in the last 15 days
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