How to create a category?

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To create a category you can follow the below steps –

Steps to follow –

Catalog > Add New > Then Edit >

GENERAL Settings

  1. Category Name – Mandatory
  2. Description – (Optional) If available
  3. Meta tag title – Mandatory (Title on the tab to be shown)
  4. Meta tag, Meta description & H1 title are all optional fields. It is beneficial for marketing purposes if you add the same. You can see the tags, description & title that are used currently on any product by its page source.

DATA Settings

  1. Parent – If Single category then not mandatory-you can leave this blank. If you want to create a sub-category then you need to add the parent category you have created previously.
  2. Filters – You can add the filters you want to show in the specific category, either wise you can leave this blank. Filter in the products helps in this scenario.
  3. Store- Select the store in which you want to show the category. (Mandatory)
  4. Google category – (Optional)
  5. SEO Url – (Mandatory) Without adding the SEO the page will not be visible. Example to follow – “category_category-id”
  6. Cashback- If you are promoting a certain category you can add the discount percentage you want to promote. Example – For 20% off you need to add 20 in this field.
  7. Image – To promote any category related banner you can just upload the image in this field. For more examples, on this, you can follow our video link.
  8. Top & Column fields are not mandatory (Can skip if needed)
  9. Sort Order- You can decide the sorting for any category as per the need.
  10. Status – You can enable or disable the category as per the need.

And then SAVE. You are all done!

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