How to create a promotion on a category on the basis of price slabs

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Consider the promotion requirements are as following :

Order between :

  • Rs. 9999 – Rs. 14999 = User gets Rs. 1000 off
  • Rs. 15000 – Rs. 19999 = User gets Rs. 2000 off
  • Above Rs. 20000 = User gets Rs. 3000 off
  1. Follow the path :

Dashboard > Promotions > Promotions V1 > New Promotion

2. Under General settings tab fill up the promotion details:

  • Enter module name and promotion name
  • Status: Enable to make the promotion live. Disable to discontinue.
  • Stackable: If yes, the user can use other promotions as well along with this promotion while checking out. Select no, if user should not use this promotion with any other.
  • Can be applied more than once : Select yes only if you want the same offer to applied more than once in the same order, else select no.
  • Select usage details and start/end date as per the requirements
  • Promotion type: You can make the promotion automatic or use the promotion using a coupon

3. Under Conditions tab fill up the promotion details:

  • Select condition – “Product from Category in cart” 
  • Type in and select your category
  • Select parent and child category option (if applicable)
  • Mention the minimum quantity if required

4. Under Actions tab:

  • Select “Cart total with discount with ranges”
  • Input the slab values
  • Select whether to give fixed amount or percentage off
  • Mention the value in the adjacent field

5. Click on Save button on top right.

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