How to do store level setting?

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What are system settings?

In order to create an instance of any particular store we need to enable various settings using “system settings”

● From Dashboard click System.
● Inside System> Settings.
● Edit the store for which you want to change general settings.

General Tab

In the general tab we update various details.

● In store code field name of the store or brand is filled
● In store url filed url is entered on which our site will run
● In SSl url files we use the same url as in store url.
● Meta Title is usually kept as name of store
● Theme is selected as whatever theme you want to use
● Default layout is layout which you will follow in the website
● My account Page Layout defines the layout for account pages

Store Tab

Store tab is used to update following details.

  • Store Name is filled with name of the store (example- Apple)
  • Store Owner is kept same as name of store (Example- apple)
  • In Address field , enter address of the brand
  • Geocode is usually kept empty
  • In Email field, company specific email id of brand is entered
  • Telephone, mobile number is updated    

Local Tab

Local tab is used to update following fields.

  • In the Country field, we select a country for which we are building a site.
  • In the Region field, we generally select capital of the country
  • In Language, we select language (Currently English is supported on kartify)
  • In Currency , select the currency which you want to flow in your site.

Option Tab

Now make changes in the option tab.

  • Taxes section is kept none.
  • In the Account section, customer groups are selected as default.
  • In the Checkout section, Display Weight on Cart Page, Guest Checkout, Create Guest as User,Quantity Dropdown Cart/Checkout, Order Status,Checkout Terms and COD Order Confirmation (OTP/Exotel call)Enable all these settings are updated as per requirement.
  • In the stock section Display Stock and Stock Checkout are updated       

In the Cashback section, Cashback Enable/Disable In Register Page,Registration Cashback Amount, Cashback Enable/Disable In Product,Cashback Order status, Cashback Applicable On all the cashbacks are enabled from here

Kindly replicate the same setting as it is shown in the screenshots

Image Tab

Step 1 :  In the image tab, we upload a logo and favicon for the brand.

  • To update the logo image, create a new folder with a store name.
  •  Inside the store name folder create another folder with name “ logo” and inside that logo folder update logo and favicon images.

Server Tab

Step 1 : In Server tab and enter the value of Google address API key for store locator, Google and Facebook socail login API key and FYND API

Freshdesk Tab

Step 1 :  Open Fresh desk tab and Disable the option.

Other Setting

Open Other settings tab and enable settings 

  • Search Settings: Search Origin is used to select the type of search origin
  • ANS Search Settings: Search Autocomplete option can be enabled or disabled from here
  • Search Tap Configuration: Application ID , Collection ID, Read Token, Write Token to be filled as per requirement.
  • Redirection URL: Using this section we can redirect to specific url from continue button 
  • Message Settings on Cart/Checkout Page: Used to display message on checkout page
  • Related Products: In this section we can enable/disable Related Products on PDP and cart page
  • Stock Status Setting: In this we can enable options to show stock status on products
  • Filter Settings: In this section we can enable/disable filter count
  • Registration/login Settings: Enable Otp Verification, Limit Resend OTP, Limit Resend Track OTP, Enable Email Verification,Limit Resend Email, Logout after password change, Session change on login/logout all these options can be enabled/disabled from login settings
  • Cookies: If you want to enable cookies in your website, you can enable here. You have to paste Seo Url for Cookies

After making any change on store level make sure that you click on save icon on the top right corner of your screen and clear cache.

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