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What is a Custom Code?

Module from which you can edit the various elements in the homepage.

Step 1: Storefront Design > Custom Code

Go to the left hand side navigation bar and select Storefront Design and then select Custom Code from the drop down.

Step 2: To add a new module or choose an existing one.

Click on add module to add a new module or choose an already existing module.

Step 3: Fill all relevant details.

Fill all the relevant details and make sure to properly select the type of module you want to add (Block/HTML) and save by clicking on the save button.

  • Type: sets the type of the module to either block/HTML
  • HTML: Code goes here
  • Layout: decides the position of the module in the website
  • Status: enable/disable it based on requirements
  • Sort Order: decides the order in which modules appear in a layout. (Module with the lowest sort order appears first in a layout.)

Step 4: To modify an image link

In order modify an image link, go to the HTML code box and replace the image link with a new one (generally represented by ‘src’ in the code block)

Step 5: Save the changes

After adding all the required modules save the page and you’ll see a success message. You have now successfully added a custom module to the website.

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