How to edit or create email template on kartify?

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What is an Email Template?

An email template is the template used by the system to automatically generate emails when a specific action is performed by the customer/client. Below are the steps to create and enable email templates for you store.

Step 1: Marketing > Email

From the left hand side navigation bar on the dashboard go to Marketing and select email template from the dropdown

Step 2 :General setting

Select store from the drop down

Step 3 : Template selection

Select the action for which you want to create a new template

  • Registration: when the user registers with the site
  • Forgot password: when the user requests to reset the password
  • Order Confirmation: when the user successfully makes a purchase on the site
  • Order Cancellation by Customer: when the user cancels an order
  • Order Dispatched: when the order has been dispatched
  • Order in Transit: when the order is in transit
  • Order out for delivery: when the product is out for delivery
  • Order Delivered: when the order has been successfully delivered
  • Order Delivery Attempt Failed: when the order couldn’t be delivered successfully
  • Return to Origin: when the order had been returned to origin
  • Subscribe: when the user subscribes to the newsletter
  • Notify Event: to notify the user of any current/future events
  • Return Initiated: request to return the product has been initiated
  • Cancel by Warehouse: when the order has been cancelled by the warehouse
  • Return Complete: when the product has been successfully returned
  • Packed: when the product has been packed
  • Refund initiated: when the refund is initiated
  • Bank Detail request for refund: to request the user for bank details to process the refund
  • Refund Processed: when the refund has been successfully processed

Step 4 : Detail iteration on template level

Fill the relevant details and click on the save button in the top right corner

  • Subject: Subject of the email
  • Template: Body of the email
  • Status: set it to enable to activate this template
  • SMS text: body of the SMS
  • Status (under SMS template settings): set it to enable to activate this template
  • Additional Alert Mail: any additional emails you want to receive the alert email, in addition to the main store mail

Step 5: Save the changes

You can find the short codes (and their description) used in templates below mail alerts

Click on save icon on the top right corner and so far changes will reflect accordingly

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