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Marketing section consists of affiliates and marketing tracking (url tracking).

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which your existing customer or user promotes your product or service and in return he/she gets a certain percent of commission on each sale done by him/her.

Tracking url helps you track the number of visits and orders on your website.

Now, considering you have already added the affiliates and tracking urls and you want to get the reports to see the performance of your affiliates and tracking urls. You need to first login into kartify admin panel and then scroll to the bottom where you will see a section with the name : Reports. click on reports and then click on Marketing where you will see options to choose from like below :

In the above image, you can see the reports of your tracking url by clicking on reports -> marketing -> marketing.

this will show the list of all your tracking urls along with their code, clicks and no of orders.

Now, if you want to see the performance report of your affiliate marketing person, then you need to navigate to reports -> marketing -> Affiliates

Once you click on affiliates then following screen will be displayed showing the affiliate contact details, status, commission(setup by you) and number of orders.

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