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What is the use of Browser Push Notifications?

Browser push notifications service helps in sending the service/product/delivery updates to your users or customers even if they are not currently using your website.

All you need to do is first choose your browser push notifications service provider.

In this case, we are using onesignal web push notifications services for demo purpose only.

Setting up Browser Push Notification

In order to add web push notification service, you need to first login into kartify admin panel and then navigate to extensions module like below :

Installing Browser Push Notifications Service on Kartify

then click on edit button in Google analytics section. in my case, i have installed this extension previously, in case if you have not installed this extension then click on install button and wait for few seconds.

Once you click on edit button in google analytics section then following window will appear where you have to paste your web push notifications script code.

Once you have pasted the script code then click on save button which is located in top right section. once it is saved then you may refer to your notifications providers to complete the setup.

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