How to list your products on Google with Google base extension

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What is Google base and what is it used for?

Listing your products on google increases your product discovery rate and number of purchases which ultimately increases the profits for the business.

Every online business wants to list their products on google but due to lack of technical knowledge some could not do it.

but with the help of kartify extension, you can list your products on google with google base.

All you need to do is you need to have an existing account on google merchant center. if you don’t have one then please refer to this link and create a google merchant account.

How to enable Google base

Once, it is done then login into the kartify admin panel and navigate to extensions and then choose extension type as feed and following screen will appear like below :

click on the edit section on the right side of google base .

once you click on edit button then a screen will appear

Now, you need to upload the latest Google category list from upload button present at right top corner in green color.
To download latest Google category list from following link:

1. Step one : Select the Google Category from list once you click on the input box.
2. select the Product Category of your store you want to sync with the google category list.
3. Click on + button at right corner of category input box.

Lastly, you need to run the Data Feed Url in the browser. You will see the sync products list of your store in the xml format.

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