How to make changes in the links in the footer

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Step 1: From the navigation bar on the left select Storefront Design and Select Advanced Footer Grid from the list of options

Step 2: Once you click on Advanced Footer Grid, you will land on the following page. Select the module (from the red coloured box) and column (from the black coloured box)

Step 3: Now based on the type of column (Links/HTML) follow the steps 4 or 5 based on requirement.

Step 4: If the type of column is Links, scroll down to find the following section of the page. To add a new link click on Add New or to modify an existing link change the link in the link column.  

Link: link for the static page/ page you want to redirect it to upon clicking

Sort: decides the order in which links appear in the column. Link with the lowest sort order appears first in a layout

Step 5: If the type of column is HTML, scroll down and change the code in the box.

Step 6: After making all the necessary changes, make sure to save the changes by clicking on the save button at the bottom of the page.

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