How to Enable Support ticket system?

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This section is for enabling the support options for our customers in our ecommerce website. Through the support section we can provide different help options like for Order Related issues, Returns, Order Cancellations and for any other general problem.

Steps to enable Support options :

Step 1: From Dashboard, Left side navigation click on support

Step 2: Inside Support > Topic

Step 3: Select the topic from the list for which you want to enable support topics

Step 4: Select the store for which you are enabling the support topic and making the required changes

General Settings:

  • Stores: Select store for which you want to enable the support ticket topic
  • Status: Enabled/Disabled
  • Attached Order
  • Sort Order
  • Make sure that you select store and add the email id on which we need to send the ticket details raised by the user

Step 5: Similarly, you can select the other topics from the list and enable the same for your store and save the changes.

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