How to send an email to Abandoned Carts

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Step 1: From the navigation bar on the left select Sales Data and Select Abandoned Carts from the list of options

Step 2: Go to Abandoned Carts from the top menu as shown.
Control Panel: Modify the extension settings here
Abandoned Carts: panel consisting list of abandoned carts
Mail Template: List of all the templates which will be used to send the user a system generated email.
Schedules Tasks: When activated, this function will send automatically emails to the customers who abandoned their carts

Step 3: Once the panel loads, click on Send Reminder to send the customer a system generated email regarding the abandoned cart.
Send reminder: Sends a reminder to the customer regarding the abandoned cart
Remove: Removes the customer’s abandoned cart from the list Check IP: Click on this to know more about customer’s location

Step 4: Click on save changes in the top right corner (green button)

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