How to setup Google sitemap in Kartify

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What is Sitemap?

Sitemap is a list of all web pages of your website. it helps in increasing the accuracy of search results for the users.

for example : below is the example of our parent company website ANSCommerce where we have used sitemaps to show different pages on google :

If a user want to contact us then instead of clicking the website and navigating to contact section. Google sitemap has reduced the number of clicks and shown the link to contact section on the search results page itself.

How to enable Google sitemap?

Now, we need to login into the kartify admin panel and then navigate to extensions and choose feeds as extension type and then click edit button on the right side of google sitemaps option like below :

Once you click on edit button, then the following screen will appear showing : status & data feed url like below :

Choose status as enabled and then copy the list provided in data feed url section.

then refer to the google search central(formerly webmasters) for further setup.

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