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Kartify is integrated with Arvind Internet(AI) for Inventory and Order Management. 

How can a website be integrated with Arvind Internet?

Kartify is seamlessly integrated with AI at the platform level. To enable Arvind Internet for a website, go to Extensions >> Modules >> Arvind Interne

Status -> Choose enabled from the dropdown.Username and Password -> You can set this after discussion with tech team. These have to be given to Arvind Internet. AI will use this for accessing Kartify’s Inventory API.Auth Token -> This will be given by AI. 
Channel ID -> This will be given by AI. It will be unique for each website.
Warehouse ID -> This will be given by AI. It will be unique for each website.
API URL ->  This will be given by AI. It will usually be same for all the websites.
Ordering Store Id -> This will be given by AI. It will be unique for each website.

How inventory is updated?

Inventory is pushed to kartify using ‘update inventory’ API of kartify. The inventory is updated at the item/Option level. Each option is mapped with a unique SKU. Each product can have multiple Options and therefore multiple SKUs. To create the mapping, go to Catalog >>Products >> Edit Products >>Option tab. For each option value, a SKU can can be added.

The bulk SKU list can be mapped to products using Excel port/Catalog Manager.If the total quantity is greater than 0, the product would be in enabled state else disabled.

How Serviceability is checked during the order creation?

On the checkout page, Arvind Internet’s Serviceability API is called to check if the Product is serviceable at a given pincode and if the product has desired inventory. Error comes up on screen in case of non serviceability.

Order Processing

Orders are pushed to AI’s API once they are created on Kartify.  The orders are pushed via a cron job. It takes up all the orders in processing state, pushed them to arvind and if the response is success, then changes the order status to processed. This cron looks up for processing orders in the last 6 hours. 
The cron can be run from the admin panel as well in case the scheduled cron job could not run push the orders due to some reasons. To run the cron, go to System >> Tools >> Cron, run ‘Push orders to Arvind’ cron. The cron from admin takes up all the processing state orders from the last 30 days.

How can Order Status be viewed?

Order status is updated at the item level on Kartify. AI sends webhook which updates the order status. To view the order status, go to Sales >> Order >> View order

The order status can seen at the item level as shown in the image below.

When the order is created on the website, the status is processing. Once the order is pushed to AI via cron job, the status gets changed to processed. The next statuses for the forward flow that are shown are Invoiced, packed, shipped, Out for Delivery and Delivered.

How customer cancellation happens?

Customer sees the Cancel button in the order detail page. To view this, customer has to log into the website and go the My account section. From there choose Orders and then select the relevant order from the order list that comes up. Cancellation button comes for the orders which have not moved beyond packed status. 
Orders cancelled on the website are pushed to Arvind Internet using AI’s cancellation API. If the we get the success response then the cancellation button is removed.

How can customer place return request?

Return button comes for orders which are delivered to the customers and Kartify has received delivered webhook from AI.
There are two flows for the return request – For  prepaid and COD.
For Prepaid orders, customer can place return request directly. This request is then pushed to AI.
For COD Orders, customer has to fill the NEFT details in a form. These details are then pushed to AI in the request payload.
If we get success response from AI, then only the return button goes away. But if we get failure response, the return button stays.

Why customer is not able to raise return or cancel despite clicking the return/cancel button?

AI and brand usually would have some logics prebuild in the AI’s system to accept return and cancellation. It might happen that some of the product are non returnable, or reverse serviceability is not available for some of the pincodes, or Return window has passed etc. In all these cases, AI will give us failure response and customer will not able to return/cancel.
If query comes from customer, then logs needs to be checked. Kartify keeps the logs for the return/cancel requests and response. Taking out the logs might take couple of days. 

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