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FYND is seamlessly integrated with Kartify as a Plug and Play module which reduces time to market. FYND acts as Inventory and Order management system for many brandstore websites hosted on kartify platform.

Enabling FYND on Kartify is easy. Please ask FYND to provide you with production credentials for brand which has to be integrated with FYND. You will need the following things –
1. Gofynd API URL
2. Gofynd affiliate id
3. Gofynd affiliate token
4. Gofynd secret key
With all these assets, you have to navigate to System >> Settings >> Edit Store >> Server Tab >> Gofynd API section, The last part would look like the following image

Please enter all the relevant data in the fields. That’s it, FYND is now integrated with your online brand store.

How does the integration work?

Kartify is dependent on FYND for inventory and order processing. Order allocation logics are built at FYNDs end. Once the orders are created at the kartify, same are pushed to FYND for further processing.

Inventory Management

FYND keeps the track of master inventory store wise. This inventory is pulled by Kartify using FYND’s stock API. The inventory sync happens every 15 – 60 mins depending on the order volume on the website.
Inventory is updated only for those SKUs for which there is change in the Inventory. Therefore, first we should know those SKUs. For this purpose, we call FYNDs API which tells us the SKUs for which there is change in inventory. Then we call FYND’s stock API to pull the updated inventory for those SKUs only.

Order Management

All the orders placed on kartify are to be pushed to FYND using Order placed API. But before this, there are few other API communications that happens between FYND and Kartify.
On the cart page, kartify calls FYNDs stock status API on real time to ascertain the available inventory stock for those products which are in cart. Depending on the response, we allow or do not allow users to proceed to checkout.
On the payment method selection page, we call FYNDs serviceability API to check the serviceability for that address and order combination. If we get non-serviceable in response, we show the error to customer and him back one step where he can review his cart.
Once the serviceability is confirmed and customer chooses the payment method (Usually COD or Prepaid), he lands on the confirm order page. Now there are two different flows depending whether the order is COD or Prepaid.
For prepaid orders, FYNDs Order Placed API is called on Confirm order page. In response, we get FYND’s order id. This order id is sent in params when we call initiate payment API of payment gateway. Initiate payment API is called once the user clicks on the Confirm order button on Confirm order Page. This temporary order will be in missing state unless payment is confirmed by the payment gateway via callback or webhook.
For COD orders, Order placed API is called only after Confirm order button is clicked and user is shown the success page.
At this stage order has been successfully placed on kartify and pushed to FYND. For prepaid, orders if the payment confirmation is pending from payment gateway, the order will stay in missing state till the time payment is confirmed. For more on missing orders, please READ THIS.

Order Status Notification

FYND updates the order status on our webhook for the following events.
Bag Confirmed, Bag picked, Bag return initiated, Customer cancelled, Delivery done, Delivery partner assigned, FYND cancelled, order placed, Out for delivery, Out for pickup, Refund initiated, Return approved, RTO Bag in transit, RTO Bag approved.
The webhooks also act as triggers for sending customers emails and SMS with the updated order status. For ex, if we get the webhook for Out for delivery, we will send email and SMS to customer that his order is out for delivery. The template for these can be set from Template manager in Kartify.

Can I call FYND API from admin panel manually?

Yes, you can call Stock status, Payment Confirmation, Serviceability, Track order API from the admin panel for a particular order ID.
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Customer do not see return or cancellation button for my order in my account. What could be the reason?

Every detail on the order detail page for a particular order is fetched from FYND’s track order API. You can call this API from the admin panel. If in the response, you get returnable key value as false for a particular product then return button won’t come for that product.

What is Bag ID?

Bag ID is a unique number assigned to each product item in an order. This is assigned by FYND to create shipments. Earlier each Bag id would mean a separate shipment but now the logic has been changed and two bags can be dispatched in the same shipment.

Why some products are not visible on the website?

There are primarily two reasons for this.
1. The inventory for that particular product is not flowing from FYND.
2. The inventory is coming for those options which are not mapped in kartify. For example – Inventory for a particular model number is coming for XL. But in kartify we have only mapped S, M and L.

To check this, you can call FYND’s stock status API from our admin panel. If in the response you do not get any inventory, please ask FYND to check. And if inventory is flowing for other options, then confirmation has to be taken from Brand to map that option on website.

How can you setup safety stock for FYND stores?

Safety stock becomes necessary for brands which see high order volume. This stock ensures that unfulfillable orders are very few.
You can set the safety stock by navigating to System >> Settings >> Edit Store >> Server Tab >> Gofynd API Section

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