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How does Tracking module work?

Marketing tracking module of kartify enables you to track the number of visits against your marketing campaigns.

In order to manage marketing tracking, we need to add a URL in marketing tracking module. so, first we will login into the admin panel of the kartify and navigate to the Marketing module like below :

Create a tracking URL

In the above screen, you can see a couple of filter like campaign name, data added and tracking code but first we need to create a marketing tracking url. In order to do that, we will click on the (+) button located in top right section like below :

Once we click the (+) button, following screen will appear asking for following details :

  1. Campaign Name* – You will need to enter your marketing campaign name (This field is mandatory).
  2. Campaign Description – You can provide description for your marketing campaign for your reference.
  3. Tracking Code* – This code is added in your URL to track your visitors uniquely.
  4. Examples – The urls listed in this field is for your example.

Once all details are filled, then we will go ahead and click on save button which is located in top right section.

Manage tracking URLs

Once we save the marketing tracking url, it will be displayed in the main page of the marketing tracking module like below :

In the above, screen as you can see, there are two option – clicks and orders. you will be able to track the number of clicks and orders that you have received on your tracking url.

If a user visits your page with this url ->

then the count will be increased and you will be able to track the exact number of users who visited this url.

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