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What is Switch Platform?

‘PhonePe Switch’ allows customers to seamlessly switch between PhonePe and the  brand website from within the PhonePe app itself. 

How can Switch be enabled on Kartify?

Go to Extensions >> Payment >> PhonePe, you will get the following screen –

PhonePe merchant Id and PhonePe Key are given by phonePe team. These are essential to initiate payment on PhonePe and for consuming PhonePe APIs including SSO.

How can user login on website from switch platform?

User can login via Single Sign On (SSO) mechanism or using the normal website login flow i.e by Email id and password, OTP. User cannot use Social logins to login.

What is SSO and how user can login via SSO?

Instead of login page coming directly, SSO popup up comes up as shown in the image below. Right before this, we call phonePe’s SSO API to get the user details

Name, phone number and email id are fetched from the SSO API. If email is not available with PhonePe, user is then prompted to enter the email. If user clicks on Login instantly, user logs in via the SSO. If user clicks on Skip button, user will have option to login via OTP and via email id and password.

What are the payment options available?

If the user has logged in from switch platform, he will only see phonePe as the payment option on the checkout page. 

How Payments are made?

Since only phonePe is available as payment mode, we call phonePe’s ‘Initiate Payment’ API once the user clicks on the confirm order button at checkout page.  

On the phonePe payment page that comes up, user can make payments using BHIM UPI, Debit card and Credit card. 

If the payment is successful and kartify gets success response in the call back, the order will be created under processing state.

Returns/Cancellation on Switch

The flow for returns/cancellation is same as on the website. The request gets pushed to the respective OMS.
PhonePe is integrated with refund Manager, and therefore the refunds can be managed from Refund Manager provided we get the appropriate triggers from the OMS to initiate the refunds. For ex, in case of FYND we get REFUND_INITIATED webhook and this serves as a trigger for refund manager.

PhonePe/Switch’s Platform expectations

There are few customizations that needs to be done on the website to align it with the switch platform expectation. Some changes are only visible when a user has come from Switch Platform. For this purpose, we pass on utm source as phonePe whenever a user is coming to the website from Switch. This enables us the identify the traffic source. Changes are made basis this source. 
The typical URL would be  –
This URL will be given to PhonePe team so that they can whitelist this.

The general expectations are as follows – 

  1. There should be no broken Links or broken UI on the website
  2. All the External links on the website should be whitelisted on the Switch Platform. For this purpose, such link should be given to phonepe’s team in advance.
  3. All the payment logos coming anywhere on the website should be removed when utm source is phonePe.
  4. The logout button should not come.
  5. Once the user is logged in either via OTP or via SSO, he/she should remain login unless the app has been uninstalled and then reinstalled or the cache data has been cleared.
  6. When the user clicks on the View Details from the transacton history page, he should be directly redirected to the Order detail page.
  7. Refund should be happening either manually from the phonePe dashboard or directly from kartify using PhonePe’s refund API.
  8. Only PhonePe should come as payment method on checkout page if the user if coming from Switch platform.
  9. Social logins should be absent when user tries to login via switch platform.

Why refund is not happening?

At the time of writing this, PhonePe follows single day settlement process. In case refund request amount is more than the transactions done during that day, the refund would be blocked. Brand will have to follow up with PhonePe to resolve this.

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