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Consider the promotion requirements are as following :

Customer buys 1 or more items from a list of products, and from he gets one item for free from the same list of products or any other lists.

How to create such promotions :

  1. Follow the path :

Dashboard > Promotions > Promotions V2 > Create New Promotion

2. Under Promo Rule Section, select Product discount from the drop-down options

3. Choose Buy one get something else free , from the promo rules available under Product Discount

4. Add the products you want the promotion to be valid for.

5. Add the free product(s) you want to sell for free with the products listed

6. Under Settings tab fill up the promotion details:

  • Promotion can be applied x number of times, beyond this x times, the promotion would be invalid or not applied
  • Select or deselect for the promotion to be applied with Special price (Non-MRP Priced products)
  • Evaluate promotions with coupon code: You can make the promotion automatic or use the promotion using a coupon code
  • Stop promotion after this rule, Priority Order : In a case when there are multiple promotions are running across the store, which promotion should be given priority. Deselect so that customer can avail more than one promotion in a single order or select stop promotion after this rule, so that promotion are applied as per the priority orders selected.
  • Status: Enable to make the promotion live. Disable to discontinue.
  • Select usage details and start/end date as per the requirements

7. Click on Save button on top right.

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