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Custom sort is additional scope for sorting the products on Search & Category landing page, without interrupting the original sort order shared by the brands.

How to enable custom sort for a store?

Step 1: Go to the left-hand side navigation bar and select Extention. Select Extention from the drop-down as shown below.

Step 2: Choose Module from the Drop Down

Step 3: Edit the SearchPlug Filter by Clicking on the Edit Button

Step 4: Edit the SearchPlug Filter, edit Custom Sort-by Filter, and select from the drop-down and save.

  • Sample sort URL eg :
  • Sharable sort url will have sort=c_sort&order=desc where
  • c_sort is name of custom sort field which will have value of EAN or MPN or JAN as per settings
  • desc is sorting order which can be desc OR asc as per requirement

How to add the sort values through the catalog

A mapper setting has been added where we can link custom sort with 3 available fields in our product catalog i.e. EAN, MPN & JAN. So if custom sort has been linked with MPN, we have to provide values that we want in custom sort order in the MPN field of the catalog. Once the searchplug push product cron will run, it will push the MPN value of a product to the custom sort field of the same product.

Then use the urls with &sort=c_sort&order=desc for custom sorting on the website.


After the settings are enabled and saved Run the below crons by following the below steps.

Systems > Tools > Cron – Push Products/Delete Products to Searchplug

Video link

Click here to Watch the Video Tutorial

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