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What is Subscription Module?

The Subscription module allows to create recurring orders by creating subscription orders based on the frequency and cycle. This will be particularly useful for products which are purchased regularly.

Why brands should have this?

  1. Recurring cash flow is much more stable
  2. It reduces the Customer acquisition cost.
  3. Provides more touchpoints with customer. Therefore building trust and loyalty. You can personalize their experiences better.
  4. Better Inventory management
  5. It is easier to upsell to those customers who are already purchasing your subscription Box.

What are the basic features of kartify’s Subscription Module?

  • Subscription can be chosen at the PDP.
  • Discounts can be offered basis the quantity subscribed. For ex – 5% discount if 2 quantity of the same product is subscribed and 10% if 5 quantity of the product is subscribed.
  • Automated orders would be created basis suscription frequency. User has to maintain sufficient balance in her account. If the balance is short, the order would be converted to COD and will be delivered to customer.
  • We are using Razorpay recurring payments as payment method for Subscription.
  • Brands can customize the Frequency and Cycle options for customers.
    • Cycle is the number of orders to be placed.
    • Frequency is the duration between two orders.
    • More on Frequency and Cycle later in the article.
  • Subscription plan is set at the the product level. This means different products can have different subscription plans.
  • Subscription plans can be enabled for a particular group of customers. 
  • You can not checkout with Subscription and non subscription products together. If you are trying to checkout with two different subscription products, their frequency and cycle has to be same.

How can subscription order be placed on the website?

User can choose to purchase subscription on the PDP page. She can place the normal order by clicking Add to Cart button or choose to subscribe for the product by clicking Subscribe Now button as can be seen in the image below. We can also show a custom message on the PDP about the benefits of subscription (Buy 1 get 10% off and Buy 3 get 20% off). This message can be set from the admin which we will discuss later.

When the user clicks on the subscription button, she sees a popup where she will have to select frequency, cycle and quantity. Cycle (Subscription Period) is essentially the number of times you want the subscription box to be delivered. Frequency(Deliver in) is the duration between the orders (Please do not confuse this frequency with the statistical term). 

On the cart page user can review her subscription. If you have multiple products in the cart, you can easily identify the subscription products with a ‘recurring’ tag as shown in the image below. If the cart has subscription and well as non subscription products, user will have to remove the non subscription product to make the order.

We are using razorpay to make recurring payments for subscription orders. On the payment gateway page, user authorizes razorpay to deduct money from her account on recurring basis.

How can customer view the subscription order?

In the my account section, click on the Recurring order as shown in the image below to view your subscription order.

On the view order page, you can cancel the subscription before the first order is delivered or even in between the subscription cycles. You also get the basic subscription details such as products, frequency and cycle on the order view page.

How can you enable Subscription module for a website?

Go to Extensions >> Order total >> Choose store from the dropdown and Select enable.

How can you create Subscription conditions or Subscription plan?

Go to Catalog >> Recurring order. Then click on the + button at the top right to add a new plan or click on Edit button to edit the existing one. You can create multiple subscription plans and apply them to different products.

The ‘Subscription Plan’ screen looks like below image. We will discuss the meaning and context of each Label.

Name -> This will be the name of your Subscription Plan. This should be unique.
PDP Message -> This is the custom message that comes on PDP that we saw earlier. 
Status -> Enabled or Disabled
Cycle -> You can choose multiple cycles which will be shown in the cycles dropdown on the Popup that comes after we click Subscribe button on PDP. All the values entered are to be comma separated.
Discount type -> It can be fixed or percentage basis. As can be seen from the image above, there can be discount slabs basis the quantity user wants to subscribe for.
Frequency-> You can select the frequencies to be shown on the Deliver in Dropdown on the popup.

How can subscription be enabled for a product?

The subscription plan is mapped at the item level i.e each product can have different subscription plan. To set up the subscription for a product, go to Catalog >> Product >> Edit. In the product tab, go to Recurring tab. From the dropdown. choose the subscription plan and the customer group.

How can you view Subscription orders?

To view the subscription orders, go to Sales >>Recurring Order. If you ordered 2 different products then their order id would be same but Recurring ID would be different. Click on the View button to view the order details.

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