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What is try N buy?

Try N buy enables online customers to try-on apparel, jewellery, and makeup before buying, allows fashion businesses to provide a remarkable customer experience, increase engagement, and decrease the number of returned products.

How you can enable try n buy?

To enable try n buy, go to Extensions >> Modules >> Try n Buy. You will get the following window

Status -> Enabled/Disabled
API URL -> This is provided by try n buy team.
Auth Key -> This is provided by try n buy team.

How does the front End looks?

A hanger icon comes on the product listing page. The icon only comes for the products which are mapped at Try N buy.

On clicking the hanger icon, a Slider Cartoon model image comes up wearing the product where you clicked the hanger icon.

You can change various model attributes such as height, weight etc to make the model appear more like you.

How the integration between Kartify and Try N buy works?

We have only integrated a wrapper code of try n buy in our code base. All the external call to Try n Buy server are made from that wrapper only.
When the user clicks on the hanger icon an external call is made to try n buy which in response gives the product image and other details. If this response is not correct, then the model image will not come. Please contact try n buy team for such issues.

Why hanger icon is visible on only limited products?

Kartify calls try n buy’s API to get the details of the products for which try n buy has to be enabled. If we are getting negative for product, then hanger icon will not come.

How products are mapped?

Products on kartify are mapped to product images on try n buy via a unique SKU code. This SKU code should entered at Catalog >> Products >> Edit Product >> Data >> SKU

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