What are missing orders and how to confirm their status?

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Missing order status is a transitory state that is assigned to orders once the customer creates his cart and proceeds to checkout and reaches Confirm order page. After the purchase is complete, we move the order to processing state.

For Prepaid orders, the missing order status is changed to processing after we get a confirmation from Payment gateway either via Call back or via webhook.

If customer does not complete the purchase or we do not get callback/webhook from payment gateway, the order will stay in missing orders list.

Where can you view missing orders?

You can view the missing orders by navigating to Sales >> Orders and and selecting missing orders from Order Status filter.

What if order is still in missing state but the payment has been deducted from customer’s account?

This means that payment gateway has not notified katify for successful payment completion in callback and webhook.
First it has to be confirmed that the payment has been deducted against the order id. This can be easily checked on the Payment gateway dashboard.
After the Payment status is confirmed, order status has to be changed from missing to processing.
If the store is using Arvind, Unicommerce and SAP as OMS then you can edit the order status manually to processing. The orders will either be automatically pushed or pulled by the respective OMSes once the status is changed to Processing.
If the store is using FYND as OMS, FYND’s Confirm payment API has to be called to update the payment status. This can be done manually from the admin panel.

Is there any automated way of doing this?

All this is taken care by Order look up cron. This cron fetches the payment status from payment gateway of all the orders. These statuses are then checked for all the missing orders on kartify. If it finds orders which are in missing state but payment for which is deducted, the cron automatically changes the status to processing or directly pushes it to OMS(in case of FYND)
In case of urgency, this cron can also be run from the admin panel. Please check this article to know more about crons which can be run from admin panel. Also note that all payment gateways will have their different order lookup cron.

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