What is Catalog Manager?

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Catalog Manager helps you to edit the catalog more easily in parts. You can edit/delete or make any changes necessary in the catalog with the help of the Catalog Manager.

How to access the catalog Manager?

Follow the below steps:

  1. Login & then select your store
  2. Select Catalog & then Catalog Manager

What are the options present in Catalog Manager?

There are below option in the manager:

  1. Product categories
  2. Product images
  3. Product option values
  4. Magento id mapper
  5. Option list
  6. Product id for attribute delete
  7. Product attributes
  8. Product filters
  9. Global filters
  10. Related products

Steps for Export & Import of the files :


First select the option from the dropdown

Click on the export button and save the csv sheet.


After making the changes in the exported csv & then select the option from the import dropdown.

Click on the choose file option & upload the csv sheet with the changes made. Then import.

Special Note – The changes will be live on site only after the approval from the file manager. Please refer to the File manager documentation for more details.

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