Unicom ANS BeingHuman Integration

To push orders: we use a cron that will run every 30 mins.
Only processing orders will be pushed to unicommerce.
You can also run this cron manually from Crontab in settings.

If you want to push a single order, go to the sale/order and view the order. You’ll see push unicommerce button above.

Inventory will be updated by Unicommerce to URL :
/index.php?route=feed/rest_api/updateProductOption&key=BNGANSAPI2019&quantity=2&item_code={EAN OR SKU}

This EAN and SKU are from the product_options table.

Cancellation and Return will be updated Run time when a user will request.
Return Button will show only when order is delivered.
Cancel button will show only when order is in pending, processing, failed and processed status.

Can check logs for orders push on settings/data_log -> select filter Log and event name will be CREATE_ORDER_BH

Unicom API File.